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3D Design

3D Modeling is one of my favorites when it comes to graphic design. I find it vastly rewarding to make an object out of nothing. If you go to the movies section you can see some examples of the movies that I have created.

3D modeling is only half of it though. The other half is animating the models. This adds motion and life to the model. Whether by having it perform an action, or simply by showing off its features, you get to see the math side of graphic design. This is very memory intensive and can take the most time of all of the services that I offer. But it is also the one that I am most familiar with.

I have made many different kinds of models, ranging from a building to (my favorite) my Dragon. Some models are easier than others but all require a lot of work. The average model in a video game is a low polygon model. This means its a very simple model. Where as the Dragon model has over 2.5 million polygons, it is a very complex model.

Using 3D Modeling is a good way of showing your products. A very excellent example of 3D Modeling is the films made by Pixar. The more intensive the model and animation, the more expensive it is to create.

Just about anything can be created in 3D. Go ahead and ask me, using my contact page. Just tell me what you are looking for, and I will let you know if I can make your model or animation for you.
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