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Flash is a little more art than programming. It involves basically making a movie and causing it to change based on actions from the user. I dont make actual Flash movies, only Flash interfaces.

Flash is very expensive and very time consuming to create. You have to be very specific if you want Flash on your site. It has many features, such as animating windows, pictures, and movies; all embedded while using smaller file sizes. You can even use Flash to play music from your site.

I have experience using all of these features of Flash. I also have access to other graphic designers, who can do the things that Im not as proficient on, all the while keeping your price as low as possible. That includes Flash Movies.

I dont want your site to look like a cheap knock-off. I want my customers to be proud of their sites, and when they feel good, I feel like I have done my job. Remember my goal is to make your site look good, because if you look good, then I look good. That is the best advertisement in the world.
Here is a flash audio player. Feel free to take a look at it and play it. There is only two songs in it at present (it is just for show).

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