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I offer photo-editing services. This is a subject most people dont understand so let me take a second to explain it to you.

The first and easiest example I can give you is this. If you look in any magazine and on TV, you may notice that the stars look like they have never had a scar or a pimple in their life (almost like their skin is perfect). Well dont fool yourself; they are just like the rest of us (flaws and all). What makes them looks so flawless? It is called "Airbrushing". It is a type of photo editing where they go over the pictures, and using various tools, remove blemishes from their bodies. This is not very hard to do and does not take much time. Therefore it is very inexpensive to get it done.

The second example I can give you is something that you may see every time you go into a 7-11 or a supermarket. Have you seen those tabloids and their weird stories with graphic pictures? How do you think they get those pictures of a bigfoot holding a baby, or an alien walking on a street? Thats right they use photo-editing to actually create them (Im not saying they are all fake, but many of them are). This is a little more involved process as it actually requires multiple pictures to be put together and blended well, or it will not look real. It can be a little more expensive, but depending on your reason to want it done, it can be well worth it.

The third example Im going to give you is to remove the backdrops from pictures. This is something many companies use so that you dont see, for example: the guy holding up the crate in the air, or that the item is sitting on a dirty floor. I also use this method to remove things from the picture, so it looks like was taken in one place, instead of where it actually was taken. This is a very involved process as it may end up resulting in deletion or alteration at the pixel level. It can be very expensive, but like the others, it is well worth it. By the way, this is used widely in web design as it allows you to match the background of your picture to the background of your web page.

Photo-Editing is an art form, and is vastly enjoyable. This is how the big studios and production companies make the magic happen. I dont charge the outrageous prices that they do, but I pride myself on giving the same results as they do. If there is something you want done, please let me know, and I will accommodate you. Whatever you think up, I should be more than able to do.
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