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Web Design

I offer many different kinds of "packages" for your ideal web page. They are listed below:

Plan 1 - Simple Web Page:
       Basic HTML programming such as links, pictures and text, no animation.
       These are low-cost, starting at $300 and going up based on the
       amount of content.

Plan 2 - Simple Web Page with Forms:
       This is Plan 1, plus forms for the contact page, and other pages
       as desired. These pages are only slightly higher, starting at
       $400 and going up based on the amount of content.

Plan 3 - Scripted Page:
       These pages have all the features of the 2 previous Plans, but
       include JavaScript. There are many uses for JavaScript such as:
              Mouseovers (or rollovers as they are sometimes called)
              DHTML (a page that changs dynamically)
              Cookies (a way of storing data locally on a users computer)
              Data Formualtion (javascript can check values and perform
                     specific operations based on the data)
       These pages start at $800, and up based on content.

Plan 4 - Animated Page:
       All the features of the 3 previous pages, with added animation
       in the form of JavaScript animation. This includes Mouseovers
       as well as changing menus and pictures. Can have forms that
       allow the user to drastically change the way the web page
       looks. These are more costly, starting at $1000 and going up
       based on content.

Plan 5 - Flash Interface:
       This may be a site composed entirely of flash or it can be like
       the web page, having a flash menu and the rest
       of the site being javascript, forms, and HTML. These pages can be
       very expensive, starting at $1500 and going up based on
       time. This is the only type of web programing that I charge
       based on time, it is due to the large amount of time it can take
       to make.

Domain Name/Web Hosting:
If you would like for me to register your domain name and host your web page for you, there may be additional cost - about $200 a year.

Web Maintenance:
If you would like for me to maintain your web page, performing scripting changes and picture changes, and if you have flash, movie changes. It will also cost you a little more than that, about $15 a month, or $150 for the year.
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